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100% Risk Free - we either sell it, or it's free !

Standard eBay Service: No upfront fees.

For our Standard Service, we only collect our commission if your item sells. Our commission structure is:
25% of the first $500
20% of the next $500
15% of any amount over $1,000
Our Rates are among the LOWEST of any Major Drop-Off store in the Nation!! Special quotes are also available for extremely high ticket items, Estates, Large Collections, Charities & Business Liquidations.

Winning Bidders pay all shipping costs, so you are not responsible for shipping.

All eBay listing fees, eBay Final Value Commission fees & a 3% Payment Processing Fee will be deducted from the final purchase/winning bid amount. eBay listing fees vary, but are usually under $2.00. eBay Final Value Commission Fees are a percentage ranging from 1.5% to 5.25% depending on the Final Winning bid amount.

Below is a chart that shows our Commission for various amounts

* Net eBay Selling Price WSUW Commission You Receive
$50.00 $12.50 $37.50
$100.00 $25.00 $75.00
$200.00 $50.00 $150.00
$300.00 $75.00 $225.00
$400.00 $100.00 $300.00
$500.00 $125.00 $375.00
$750.00 $175.00 $575.00

*Net eBay selling price is the amount of the final bid. eBay listing fees, eBay Final Value Commission Fee & 3% payment processing fee will be removed from your check amount.

Platinum eBay Service: Starting at $9.99

Our fee for Platinum Service starts at $9.99, which is applied towards our commission if the item sells. The Platinum Service fee protects our investment of time, materials & listing fees in your auction if you set your price unrealistically high and the item doesn't sell. If your item does sell,
WeSellUWin will reimburse your Platinum Fee paid!! If your item does not sell, Platinum fee(s) are non-refundable.

In addition to the Platinum Service $9.99 fee, you will be charged 1% of the reserve price (your set price). For example, a $500 reserve would be $9.99 + $5.00 = $14.99. This fee is also credited towards our commission if your item sells. If your item does not sell, these fees are non-refundable.




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